Soulless Fashion

This video is a prophectic warning about new fashion trends. Bold fashion trends are taking over the world—- and it’s not for good reason! The ‘python’ spirit is operating under big named fashion brands that want us to submit to the kingdom of darkness.


Living as a Millennial and a Follower of Christ

There are many articles that examine the lives of Millennials—-some of which even describe this generation as having a mindset of self-entitlement, and a grave addiction to technology and social media. Although this speculation may be true according to the individual Millennial, there are many pressures lingering over the average Millennial’s head that often get overlooked in these articles. One major area left untouched is the pressure of being a Millennial who proclaims Faith in Christ.


Your Job is Your Ministry

Many of us associate ministry with the act of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. In fact, a minister is often solely described as “one officiating or assisting the officiant in church worship.” But contrary to popular belief, ministry goes well beyond the act of preaching to a congregation or evangelism.


What If God Cancelled You?

This video shows my perspective of the ‘cancel’ or ‘cancelled culture’ and how it is rooted in narcissism and unforgiveness. As children of The Most High, we must learn to love and forgive our brothers and sisters, even when they make mistakes or hold different views than our own.


The Art of Friendship

Friend is a term often used to describe a amicable connection. Many of us use the term friend when we are amongst people who share the same hobbies or common interests. We may even become friends with someone based upon their looks, status, popularity, career or material possessions. But can a true friendship be developed based on common interests, or material possessions and good looks ?


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