Having issues with money can be a stressful experience while ‘adulting.’ At times, the ‘money train’ is easy when you’re able to save or spend money however you choose. Yet other times, there may not be enough money to cover your expenses.

At one point in my life, I couldn’t grasp my life purpose, so I hopped from job to job, only to end up stagnant with very little money. You too, may have struggled to get a job; or you decided to change your career, but everything has fallen through. You may even be an entrepreneur whose big break has yet to rise; or a single parent whose two jobs still doesn’t cut the costs of childcare and after-school activities. I’ve experienced it all —and I know for sure that it can happen to anyone, at anytime.

Resources that can help 

Even if you’re facing many odds, there is still hope! There are many resources available that can help smooth out some of your financial problems:

  • There are local government agencies in your city or state that can provide temporary financial assistance for food, housing, utility costs, childcare costs, education, etc. (Please check the USA.gov website for more information). This is a great resource for those who have low-income or have recently lost their job and are struggling to find new employment.
  • If you’re a student, you may want to consider applying for a state/Federal grant or loan (check out the Department of Education), and scholarships (see Scholarships.com or FastWeb.com) —which may provide you with the necessary funding to cover your educational costs and/or cost of living.
  • Small business owners may qualify for short-term micro-lending, which may provide up to $50,000 in financial assistance toward building your business. There are also local state agencies that provide grants for small business owners in certain industries.

Other ways to tackle money problems

Budgeting and cutting down you expenses are also effective tactics in overcoming a financial setback. Here are some ways that you can save your hard-earned money:

  • Use coupons, customer loyalty programs, sales promotions to lower the costs of your purchases
  • Buy generic/ store branded household and food items
  • Shop less and use what you have at home (For example: with fashion, you can use the clothing you already have in your closet to create “new” trends)
  • Refrain from ordering takeout/fast food and cook your own meals
  • Cut down your spending on recreational wants to save money for your household needs
  • If possible, engage in hygienic self-care routines (hair, nails, makeup, etc.) at home

More often than not, during hard times, we often feel defeated. Many of us will hide ourselves away, afraid to ask for help due to shame or guilt. Being in a financial mess is never fun and can be very overwhelming. But, by using available resources, you can once again see a brighter future.

Post Author: Cie W.

Baltimore-native blogger and creative writer who is passionate about God's Word, self-development, fashion and travel. Cie W. has recently earned a master's degree in communications and is striving towards developing future projects in content creation.

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