Living as a Millennial and a Follower of Christ

There are many articles that examine the lives of Millennials—-some of which even describe this generation as having a mindset of self-entitlement, and a grave addiction to technology and social media. Although this speculation may be true according to the individual Millennial, there are many pressures lingering over the average Millennial’s head that often get overlooked in these articles. One major area left untouched is the pressure of being a Millennial who proclaims Faith in Christ.


Testimony: Saved from the New Age

In this video, I share my testimony of being saved from new age spiritualism. Being raised as a believer in Christ, I always knew the importance of believing in God; yet being unable to cope with hard times and a stagnant lifestyle, I found myself going down a dark path of occultism. This video is an extension of my blog post “Testimony: The Dangers of New Age Spiritualism,” where I become transparent about my mistakes and growth in following Christ Jesus.


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